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Advertising on Google is nowadays a trending strategy to get more conversions or to capture more leads. We at Kingsland Digital provides complete Pay Per Click (PPC) services in Delhi..

What Is Search Engine Marketing And How It Works?

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.) basically means promoting your business or website on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. by paying them to showcase your Ads. It is also known as Adwords marketing or Paid marketing. In this type of marketing a user has to pay to Google a particular bid amount on selected keywords. Based on the bid amount the Ad gets placed for that particular keyword on the Search Engine Result Page (S.E.R.P.) This marketing is useful to instantly get visibility on search engines. These ads are created based on the goals that you want to achieve through an Ad. It might be brand awareness, getting more visitors, getting more clicks, lead generation, converting more sales, etc. We will customize these ads within your budget either daily or monthly and will give you assured results based on your chosen goal. You can target your ads by choosing the customize audience of your choice so as to get better results. There are many choices available while choosing your ads to target based on: Demographics | Location | Interest | Behavior | Remarketing

Types Of Google Ads

There are several types of Ads based on business requirements and type of business. We at Kingsland Digital will give you proper guidance on making a strategy before selecting the type of Ad to go with.
Search Ads
Display Ads
Shopping Ads
Video Ads
Mobile Ads
As the name suggests, different ads have different placement sites like Google, Youtube, and various Google partner sites.

Competitive Analysis

kingsland using Best Analysis techniques evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your competition on search engine. you will get to know the analysis of your competitors business compares.

Best Keyword Ranking

Keywords research is so important for each business website as they drive targeted net traffic to your business at no cost. Basically,the words and phrases that web users mention into the search box is called Keyword.

Speed Optimization

Kingsland Digital Marketing optimize your page speed so that your Potential customer don't get frustrated with your site if they have to wait for pages to load otherwise it will show negative impressions.

SEO Mobile Specialty

kingsland tend to takes a glance at website style,attractive website structure, and more additional to confirm you are not unknowingly turning your mobile guests away.

Why Choose Kingsland Digital?

What puts Kingsland Digital apart from others are: 1. We make kings out of humans 2. Our loyalty to our clients 3. We give tremendous results 4. Customer satisfaction is our main goal 5. Transparent Reports 6. We build Long-term Relationship

• Full planning of Advertisement • Making proper strategy • Customizing the audience to target • Bidding the appropriate amount • Checking the statistics of live ads • Pause ineffective Ads • Editing in live Ads accordingly

How S.E.M. Is Useful For Your Business?

Pay Per Click Marketing can hike your business in many ways like: • Brand Awareness • Lead Generation • More Conversions • More Impressions • Targeted Audience • Outrank Your Competitor • Instant Visibility • Better Optimization • Editing In Live Ads • Ad Stats Available • Economical • Quick Results

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