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Online reputation management- Promote your Brand recognition

Kingsland digital being the leading digital marketing company, understand that how the prestige of any brand impact its customers and productivity. So we provide 360- degree digital promotion solutions to help you build proactive brand. We help you to be at top listings in Google’s search results through online reputation management services. Since majority of customers before trying out any product or service, check out the reviews of the firm, it is very important for the firms to maintain their excellent online reputation. To ensure that your business is accurately represented online, reputation management plays a big role.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is not just concerned with managing content in search engines but also about managing negative business reviews while motivating happy customers to share their positive feedback. An effective presentation of social media posts and online campaigns improve the level of trust people put in online reviews. With a positive reputation, consumer confidence in your brand will grow. They will be more likely to try the products and thus leading to more conversions. In this way, utilizing online reputation helps in maintaining your business position as the market leader.

Kingsland digital provide customized solutions as per the brand’s specific needs of the clients. We work under a non-disclosure agreement i.e. the entire process is confidential as the customers never get to know that your firm is availing third-party service to bury negative content from the website. Apart from this, all these brand building or brand protection strategies that we offer are very cost-effective. You will get complete attention and effort at every step of the way that may further help to have quick follow-up with the customers. We have specialized tools that set up alerts to know what customers are saying about your brand online. It enables us to quickly respond to their feedback either positive or negative and take steps to remove the negative content. Our proactive techniques consisting of social media monitoring, SEO content creation and positive review management can be of great help for your brand.

Why Your Business Needs Online reputation management
  • To enhance your availability among the general public
  • To create strong bond with your customers
  • To build and manage online brand reputation of your business
  • To manage online conversations done with the customers via removing negative comments.
  • To improve brand image by putting forward company’s best results or content.
  • To gain better online recognition.
  • To increase positive business reviews across digital platforms and position them in front of your target audience.
  • To shape positive perception of your brand among the customers.
  • To ensure customers and search engines find the right materials when they search for your brand online.
  • To reach to high- internet prospects.
  • To enhance your customer lifetime value and loyalty.
What does Online reputation management services consists of ?
  • Review analysis
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Social media follower growth service
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Link building
  • Review marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) reputation management
  • Online reputation repairing
  • Online reputation management

Remember online reputation is directly linked to your market value. So take charge of your reputation online and get a solid reputation to stand out in a crowd. Contact Kingsland digital today to streamline your online brand reputation management.

Google my business- And get engage with more customers

Undoubtedly, having an online presence of your business on Google is like adding a glory. If you too want to build a successful online campaign on Google search and Google maps, then Google my business is the right tool for you.

Kingsland Digital provides top class Google my business service to allow their clients to create business profile that provides access with millions of customers across Google Search and Maps. It is very user-friendly tool that includes adding business name, business hours, photos, location etc. on the Google. It also provide an opportunity to monitor as well as reply client reviews and show them what makes you different from others .

Benefits of using 'Google my business' platform
  • 1. Easy to track information regarding the number of searches made for your business, incoming phone calls and requests for directions.
  • 2.Directly indulge into chat with customers who find your profile on the search results page.
  • 3. Manage your client reviews and instantly respond to their reviews and queries.
  • 4. Share offers and latest information of your business.
  • 5. Personalize your Business Profiles on Google Search and Maps.
  • 6.Add links to book online appointments.
  • 7.Find out how your clientele base connects or engage with your business profile and thus manage your online business presence accordingly.
  • 8. Enhance your online visibility and make your business appear near the top of search results.
  • 9. Showcase the product’s or services features with the help of pictures or videos.
How do customers find your on Google my business?

When customers search any particular service provider on Google, your Business Profile may appear in their search results. Factors such as search relevance, distance, and prominence of your service will determine whether your information appears in a search.

The information your Business Profile displays may include:
  • Website
  • Directions
  • Contact number
  • Pictures or graphics
  • Types of services offered
  • Customer reviews
  • Review ratings
  • Short description of your business

Build your online visibility and give your customers more ways to choose you every time and go Google my business with Kingsland digital. We will keep track of the daily changes to search engine algorithms and listings so that an effective SEO strategy can be developed for your business.

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